Grandfathering-regeling: instructie registratie ISST

Ben je toegelaten tot de Grandfathering van de ISST? Dan moet je zelf je registratie/lidmaatschap nog regelen, zowel administratief als financieel. Hoe je dat moet doen, lees je in de onderstaande instructie, die is opgesteld door de ISST.  Let op: Deze procedure geldt dus alleen voor de schematherapeuten die al een akkoord hebben ten aanzien van de Grandfathering-regeling.

Procedure for joining our community, The International Society of Schema Therapists (ISST):

Please, start the application process like all other new members of the ISST Website.

  1. Complete the ISST online application form by clickingOnline Application:
  2. Select the membership: choose “dual membership
  3. Select your country: Netherlands
  4. You don’t have to enter a membership number of the VSt nor is it necessary to upload a proof of payment of the VSt-membership: you only have to fill in the mandatory fields.
  5. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that includes the level of membership you qualify for, and instructions how to make a payment to join ISST.
  6. The instruction will include € 50,- membership fee and € 50,- Administration fee. In the following years you will be charged € 50,- only by SEPA mandate (if possible). If you are already ISST member, you now only have to pay the grandparenting admin fee of € 50,- and from next year on the reduced double membership fee of € 50,-.
  7. Once the ISST receives your payment, your application will be processed within seven days.
  8. You will receive an e-mail welcoming you as an ISST-member that includes your ISST membership number and instructions to post your member profile online, and to use the multitude of ISST resources to enjoy your membership.

Finally, you will receive a certificate of your certification level (this will take the ISST some time due to new complex office software).